Quick Review on Huawei Honor 3C – Video

Quick Review on Huawei Honor 3C – Video

Huawei Honor 3C User Review – Introduction and design

What is the Honor 3C?

It might be arriving comfortable last part of 2014, in spite of propelling somewhere else a year prior, however we have a considerable measure of time for the Honor 3C and its points. This telephone is one of the couple of mobiles to offer a persuading distinct option for the financial backing champion, the Motorola Moto G.

It’s significantly less expensive, actually. At £109, the Honor 3C offers honestly astounding worth. Keeping in mind it might at first seem, by all accounts, to be from a completely obscure brand, Huawei is the power behind the Honor name.

Run of the mill of Huawei, there are a couple of little outline bungles and the £109 rendition doesn’t have 4G, yet the Honor 3C is still one of the best plan telephones of the year. It puts the Samsung and Sony plan mobiles to disgrace in some center regards. If you are to buy Huawei Honor 3C it’s mandatory to have a decent knowledge about it

Honor 3C – Outline

After all that laud, we’re going to get back up to earth with one of the Honor 3C’s weaker zones: plan.

Like the Honor 6 it has an especially gleaming back, yet this time its not claiming to be glass. It’s equitable plastic that is so sparkling it looks as if its been covered.

It’s a totally unforgiving surface that is going to do the Honor 3C no favors over the long haul. Yes, it may look flashier than matte plastic to a few eyes, however it’ll show up scratches, scratches and imprints like symbols of honor (no play on words proposed).

Huawei honor 3cThe vibe is a larger number of antagonistic than delicate touch or plain plastic, as well, with a somewhat tackier vibe. In the event that Respect conditioned down the wrap up by around 50 every penny, we’d be a considerable measure more satisfied. There’s still a chance for that, however — the Honor 3C uses a removable spread, and right now you can import substitution spreads ought to yours get excessively tatty. In the event that the 3C demonstrates prevalent, and by all rights it ought to, these may advance to some UK retailers.

Along these lines, we don’t love the back completion, however the configuration isn’t too terrible contrasted and what’s on offer from some different telephones at the cost. The Sony Xperia E3 and Samsung System S3 Scaled down, which is still broadly on special, look shabbier because of their littler screens and chunkier bodies. While the Motorola Moto G apparently looks somewhat better, we discovered the Honor 3C’s taking care of to be prevalent.

At 9.2mm thick its altogether slimmer than the Motorola, and feels less unbalanced to use subsequently. We’re really content with how the Honor 3C feels in the hand, in the wake of getting over the tasteless end.

Huawei Honor 3C User Review – Introduction and design